How Does It Work?

  1. We create an easy to remember text keyword(s) for tips.
  2. When the anonymous keyword(s) is used, Text 2 Stop It operators conduct a complete real-time interview obtaining actionable information. This includes names, witnesses, location, time, date, pictures, videos if appropriate.
  3. A complete transcript of the text conversation is immediately forwarded to your agency. If additional information is needed we will reach back out to the tipster. (see back page for sample)
  4. If the text is an emergency, we will urge the texter to call 911. If unable, we will text/call your agency while engaged in the text conversation.


> Installation in as little as 24 hours 

> Tips received by Text 2 Stop It operators

> Monitored 24/7 

> Start to finish interview transcripts provided 

> Ability to receive pictures and video 

> Ability obtain additional  information if needed 

> Hoax prevention and detection methods available

> Customized programs available

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Why Does it Work?

Young adults and teens, while representing only 14% of the population, also represent over 40% of arrests for crime and a similar percentage of other issues that plague our society.

We found the secret to getting young adults and teens to open up...texting! Text2Them has developed an anonymous two-way text tip platform that has opened the door to this very age group by providing an anonymous, discrete and comfortable 2-way, real-time text messaging platform.

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