1. Text 2 Stop Bullying is promoted throughout schools utilizing posters, cards and other materials.

Text 2  Stop It for Schools

After the initial pilot, the program was renewed with continue impressive results shown below.

4. transcript of the exact conversation is emailed to the school administrator. If the text is an emergency we will urge the tipster to call 911, and Text 2 Stop It will also send a text to the school administrator.

Problem:​School officials continue to struggle to remove bullying, drugs and other harmful activities from their schools. The big problem is students do not feel comfortable reaching out through traditional methods of reporting such instances. While phone tip lines have been used for years, this demographic prefers to communicate by text instead of by phone.

The Solution:Text2Them has developed an anonymous, two-way text tip platform that has opened the door to this hard to reach age group. By providing an anonymous, discrete and comfortable text messaging platform, Text2Them has found this age group loves to talk, but just not on a phone or others less comfortable methods of communication. They are ready to reach out and text incidents of bullying, drugs, suicide thoughts and other harmful activities.

Text BULLY to 71441

to report bullying

                       Text 2 Stop It - Case Study

In a pilot program in Queen Anne’s County Maryland:

  • Program period 2013-14
  • 7,793 Students 
  • 14 Schools (2 high schools, 4 middle schools, 8 elementary schools)


  • Bullying was down 33% in first year 71% by year four
  • Drugs dealers were exposed in 50% of middle and high schools
  • Intervened in four Suicide s, including a suicide pact
  • ​Multiple weapons or threats exposed
  • Numerous other reports or smoking, fights, cyberbullying and more

3. Text 2 Stop It operators engage the tipster in a two-way text conversation to gather actionable information (names, dates, witnesses, pictures, etc.)

2. Students text a unique keyword, such as "BULLY", to anonymously report bullying and other harmful activities in their school.

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