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4. Transcript of the exact conversation is emailed to appropriate authorities. If the text is an emergency we will urge the texter to call 911. If they are unable, a Text 2 Stop It operator we will text or call your agency while still engaged with the tipster in the text conversation.

Text 2 StopHate Crimes

Problem:Law enforcement agencies all over the country are frustrated in their failure to communicate and obtain information from the 13-29 year old demographic. This hard to reach age group, while representing 14% of the population, also represents over 40% of crime victims and perpetrators. While phone tip lines have been used for years, this demographic prefers to communicate by text instead of by phone.

The Solution:Text2Them has developed an anonymous two-way text tip platform that has opened the door to this hard to reach age group. By providing an anonymous, discrete and comfortable text messaging platform, Text2Them has found this age group will engage in a text conversation and loves to talk, just not by phone or others uncomfortable methods of communication. They are ready to reach out and share valuable law enforcement information. In fact, we find we run out of questions before they run out of answers.

Text HATE to 71441

to report hate crimes

3. Text 2 Stop It operators engage tipster in a two-way text conversation to gather actionable information (names, dates, witnesses, pictures, etc.)

1. Text 2 Stop Hate Crimes is promoted throughout communities with posters, cards and other materials.

2. Citizens can text a unique keyword such as "HATE" to anonymously report hate crimes.