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Option 1: Text 2 Stop It operators will engage the texter and provide help resources.

Text 2 Stop Addiction is promoted throughout posters, cards and other materials. Residents text a unique keyword, such as "HELPME" to reach out for help.

Text 2 Stop Addiction

NIH - Exploring the feasibility of text messaging to support substance abuse recovery among youth in treatment.

Option 2: Text will come into client's help line and client will engage texter in need of assistance, guidance and help.

This exploratory study examined treatment involved youth opinions about (i) the utility of using text messaging to support recovery behaviors after treatment; (ii) important types of text messages that could help youth self-manage their substance use behaviors after treatment; and (iii) programmatic or logistical areas associated with text messaging programs.

Eight focus groups were conducted with 67 youth (aged 12–24) enrolled in outpatient and residential publicly funded substance abuse treatment programs around Los Angeles County, California. Results highlight that 70% of youth positively endorsed text messaging as a viable method of intervention during aftercare, 20% expressed ambivalent feelings, and 10% conveyed dislike. Thematic data exploration revealed seven themes related to the types of text messages youth recommend for helping youth avoid relapse after treatment, including positive appraisal (90%), lifestyle change tips (85%), motivational reinforcing (80%), coping advice (75%), confidence boosters (65%), inspiration encouragement (55%), and informational resources (50%). Youth opinions about key logistical features of text messaging programs, including frequency, timing, sender, and length are also examined.

Findings offer insight for the development and enhancement of recovery support interventions with substance abusing youth. Results imply text messaging may serve as a promising opportunity for recovery support for young people with substance abuse problems.


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