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​​​​Text -a-tip for schools

How Does It Work?

  1. Text 2 Stop It! Posters containing a number  and unique keyword are placed in around the school. 
  2. Cards with the number and keyword are provided to each student and parent.
  3. Text KEYWORD to 71441 to report bullying and other harmful behavior in your school.
  4. Student is connected to a live operator 24/7 365 days /year and can anonymously provide details of the incident
  5. A transcript  is sent to the school counselors/administrators for follow-up​​​​​

 Steps to ​​​Starting a Program in your School/District

  1. Determine school/school district contact person
  2. Complete the form to the right and submit

  3. You will receive a call from your personal customer service  

      representative who will coordinate the program inclusive of:

        a. Determine number of students and schools to be covered

        b. Finalize your unique keyword and number

​        c. Order and distribution of posters and cards (enough for 

            each student and parent)

​      ​   d. Fundraising assistance and webpage provided, if needed 

Start Here by Completing this Contact Form

start a text 2 stop it program in your school / school district

  Why is it needed?

   Where implemented Text 2 Stop It:

  1. Reduced bullying by over 70 %​                 (click here)
  2. Exposed drug dealers in half the schools where program was implemented
  3. Uncovered multiple weapons and threat to do harm to schools/students​
  4. ​Intervened in multiple suicide plans and attempts. One being a suicide pact.