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​​​How it Works

1. Posters, cards and other materials are distributed to the facility to promote the Text-2-Stop It! program.

2. When a student witnesses unsafe or suspicious activities, the student sends an anonymous text message using the school's unique KEYWORD to 71441.

3. Student receives auto response that their message has been received. Further information is obtained (names of witnesses, time, date, location of the incident, etc.) through two-way text chat.

4. If a student has pictures or video they will receive instructions for sending it to Text 2 Stop It!

5. An email will be sent to the designated school administrator, providing a recap of the actual conversation we have had with the student. A picture/video will be sent if available.

6. If this is a life threatening emergency situation, a text messages will also be sent to the administrator’s cell phone urging them to check their email for the full message.

7. School administrator will follow-up as appropriate. ​

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