Steps to Becoming a Text 2 Stop It!™ 

Nonprofit School Safety Partner


  1. Must be a nonprofit organization, school district or  government agency 

  2. Must currently have a program working in schools

  3. May not duplicate existing Text 2 Stop It!™ program

  What you will be asked to do: 

  1. Complete the Text 2 Stop It!™ School Safety Application for the school, school 

      district geographical area for which you desire to partner

  2. Be an advocate for school safety.

  3. Print and distribute cards and posters to schools, parents and community

  4. Forward transcript of conversation to the designated school administrator for


  5. Support Text 2 Stop It!™ This free program is funded through donations,

      sponsorships and grants.

  What we will do:

  1. Provide you with a unique Keyword and use of our text number

  2. Provide unique Posters and card templates with your desired logo and message

  3. Provide Text 2 Stop It!™ texting platform and text/call center operators, 24

      hours  per day, 365 days per year

  4. Email transcripts of student/parent conversations to you/your organization for 

      presentation to proper school counsellors/administrator for resolution

  5. Provide an annual report on the type, number and classification (bullying, 

      suicide, drugs, weapons, etc.) for texts received

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Become a Text 2  Stop It!™ School Safety Partner

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