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​The video was taken in Queen Anne’s County Maryland. Each year all the students in the entire school system wear identical shirts, with corporate logos, to promote Unity Day and their anti-bullying message. The school district began Text 2 Stop It! in 2013. The district has seen a 71% decrease in reports of bullying between 2013 - 2017.

Press Release - April 18, 2017- Text 2 Stop It with Governor Hogan of Maryland as he signs anti-bullying bill, HB 669, to improve student reporting of bullying and other harmful activities by anonymous two-way electronic tips

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WMDT News - Eastern Maryland Uses Text 2 Stop It or Opioid Addiction December 1, 2017 CAMBRIDGE, Md. - The opioid epidemic has been hitting the nation hard and Delmarva is no exception. But one new project is hoping to combat that issue head on. And it's all happening through texts. It's the region's first substance abuse information textline launching December 1st. It'll operate in 5 counties on the mid-shore including Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne, and Talbot. It's a campaign called "I Wish I Knew" organized by the Mid-Shore Opioid Misuse Prevention Program, or Mid-Shore OMPP. The coordinator Erin Hall tells 47 ABC, "In all of our research we found that a lot of our opioid users are under 34 and a lot of us would prefer to text than pick up a phone so we knew that that was a way people could get the information confidentially." WMDT - 24-Hour Substance Abuse

Capital Gazette News - Gov. Hogan must fully fund anti-bulling program for it to succeed - Nov 26, 2018

What is right with the Governor’s program: Finally establishes an anonymous state-wide tip program, if school systems adopt it, that will allow students and parents to report bullying and other issues in their schools. It also provides funding to implement the program. Unfortunately, we believe the program will do little if anything to reduce these issues in schools...

Maryland Bully, Harassment and Intimidation Annual Report March 31, 2017 - A total of 4,713 incidents were reported for the 2015-2016 school year. This represents a statewide increase of 559 reported incidents from the 2014-2015 school year. Baltimore County reported the most incidents with a total of 743 and a rate of 4.4 incidents per 1,000 enrolled students. Following Baltimore County was Montgomery County with 500 incidents and 3.2 incidents per 1,000; Baltimore City with 490 incidents and 4.4 incidents per 1,000; and Prince George’s County with 435 incidents and 3.4 incidents per 1,000. Kent, Dorchester, and Wicomico Counties reported the most incidents relative to enrollment (See Table 1).

Press Release- Safe Schools Maryland Show “Dismal” Results in First Months - Dec 24, 2018

When the governor announced the new school tip line called Safe Schools Maryland, we stated that it would be a “small step in the right direction”. The reasons were outlined in the Gazette article published November 29, 2018. The first results are now in and sadly we were right. We have learned that unless a program is safe and comfortable for the students to use, they will not use it. This means hundreds of kids that need help from bullying, drugs, suicide and weapons in their schools will not reach out to those that can help...

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Fox45 Project Baltimore - Cell phones are generally seen as a distraction in the classroom, but in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools, they’re being used as a tool to make school safer. Ask any educator, student or parent and they will tell you one of the biggest problems in our schools today is bullying. Throughout Maryland schools, bullying and violence are a growing problem. But not everywhere.

Centreville Middle School is part of a school system in Queen Anne’s County that’s seeing its bullying and violence numbers go down. People at the school credit “Text 2 Stop It!”