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Anonymously Text Your  Keyword to 71441

3. Resolve

A complete Transcript is Sent to Your School Counselor /Administrator for Follow-up Action

 The way the program works is as follows: 

  • Text 2 Stop It!™ makes posters available all schools, as well as giving each student and parent a card promoting the keyword and text number.
  • If students and parents wish to report anything, simply text the keyword to the number and anonymously report the information to Text 2 Stop It!™ operators. These operators are available 24-7.
  • The student or parent is then engaged in a two-way text conversation whereby Text 2 Stop It!™obtains the details including dates, places, witnesses, perpetrators, etc.  
  • The transcript of the conversation is IMMEDIATELY emailed to our School Safety Partners and school administrators for follow-up action. 

How Does Text 2 Stop It!™ Work for Students?

What Others Say About Text 2 Stop It!™

“Maryland PTA especially favors the broadening of reporting such acts to involve technology compared to hard-copy paper work. Oftentimes students as well as parents find it difficult to report such acts using paper because they don’t know where to find reporting forms or they don’t want to be seen obtaining such information for fear of retaliation.”                                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Ysla Leight, President of the Maryland PTA

“The current system of requiring students to fill out a form and turn it into the office doesn’t work…it’s antiquated. Every student carries an IPhone in their pockets and it is time for the school system to move to the 21st Century.”                                                                           Liam Kim, a Montgomery County High School Student

“We have a lot of students who find themselves in these difficult situations", Engel said in a recent interview. “A lot of students are crying out for help, and they do it in different ways.”                                                                                                                                                       QACPS Supervisor of Student Services Brad Engel

“When you think about stopping a kid from killing himself, those pieces became infinitely more valuable than even the bullying part,”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Delegate Steve Arentz, Maryland House of Delegates

How Does Our School Safety Keyword Partnership Work?

How can you help make schools safer?

When we launched Text 2 Stop It!™ in 2013, we quickly saw how this program could save lives, halt bullying, expose drug dealers in schools, prevent suicides and even enhance school safety by exposing weapons brought into schools. However, despite our successes, we were constantly informed by school officials that budgets were scarce to fund the program - one which costs just $1 per student annually!

Incredibly, the only obstacle to protecting more lives was money. Therefore, after prayerful consideration, we decided we would make the program FREE and remove this obstacle. This has been a challenge but we are convinced that with the generous donations/sponsorships from you we can grow Text 2 Stop It!™ and allow any child, who needs help to get it, by simply texting. Can you help? 

To Keep Text 2 Stop It!™ Free For Students,

Why Donate or Sponsor Us?

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Connect to a Live Operator and Provide Details:

Who, What, Where, and When






The goal of Text 2 Stop It!™ is to create an environment, where students who need help can simply send a text. If you are a non-profit working to make schools safer, we want to provide you with a proven solution that exposes bullying, suicides, drug dealers and even potential school shootings. As a trusted partner, students will then be able to text anonymously to report bullying, drugs, weapons and other concerns happening in their schools. You provide the contact and support at the school, we will provide and manage the 24 hour/7 days a week text (call) center and, together, we will save lives. see more

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