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Text IWIK to 71441

​It's Anonymous 

What Others Say

"Since the program has been implemented, disciplinary referrals have declined and students have become more vigilant than in the past."                                                                                      Centreville Middle School Principal Amy Hudock

“We have a lot of students who find themselves in these difficult situations", Engel said in a recent interview. “A lot of students are crying out for help, and they do it in different ways.”
                                                                                                           QACPS Supervisor of Student Services Brad Engel

“When you think about stopping a kid from killing himself, those pieces became infinitely more valuable than even the bullying part,”                                                                                    Delegate Steve Arentz Maryland House of Delegates

​​​​Text -a-tip for schools

How Does It Work?

  1. Text 2 Stop It! Posters containing a number  and unique keyword are placed in around the school. 
  2. Cards with the number and keyword are provided to each student and parent.
  3. Text KEYWORD to 71441 to report bullying and other harmful behavior in your school.
  4. Student is connected to a live operator 24/7 365 days /year and can anonymously provide details of the incident
  5. A transcript  is sent to the school counselors/administrators for follow-up

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Text 2 Stop It Program

How can you help schools?

School Text-a-Tip





crisis support

Drug Addiction



domestic abuse

​​​Crisis Center Support

How Does It Work?

  1. We give each center a number and unique keyword
  2. Place your keyword and number on your marketing material
  3. When your keyword and number are texted to our Mental Health First Aid staff will engage the texter in a two-way text conversation that follows your customized plan.
  4. We will, depending on your plan, obtain information and send you a conversation transcript or provide the texters with information so that they can contact your organization for help. 

if you need help live Operators are a text away 24/7  365 days/year

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