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Middle School 7th grader McKinsey stars in her own parody of Taylor Swift's song "Mean" to discourage bullying. She later spoke on behalf of the need for Text 2 Stop It at numerous venues.

What can students do? You have the power to change your school environment and put programs in place that will protect you from bullying, drugs, suicide and weapons. By speaking up, organizing and demanding action you can change the system. Here are some students who spoke up, on behalf of Text 2 Stop It!™ and made a difference.

How to Start Text 2 Stop It in Your School?

For Students

Step 1 - Organize 

It doesn't take an army, just a few individuals that want to make a difference.

Step 2 - Collaborate

Once you have your group, you will need to collaborate with an existing non profit organization in your school or school district. This could be your PTA, MADD, SADD or any other organization that wants safer schools. This organization will complete the Partnership Application process (which isn't complicated, so that we can begin providing the training and materials needed. Visit Become a School Safety Partner for more details.

Step 3 - Launch!

Now you are ready to take your demands to the school and begin implementing the Text 2 Stop It program. Good luck, we are here to support you.

Each year all the students in the school system wear identical shirts to promote Unity Day and their anti-bullying message. 

While Liam was in high school he testified at the Maryland State Capital on the need to put suicide counseling in schools. Liam even posted his personal cell number for students in need of help.