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What kind of information do you hope to get through Text 2 Stop It!™? - Students can report any information they see or hear about; such as drug possession or use, weapons, bullying, suicide, cheating, inappropriate behavior, harassment, threats, intimidation or really anything they believe threatens their safety.

If I send a text from my phone, how can it be confidential? When a student texts a message, the text goes to Text 2 Stop It!™, which then sends a text and email to the designated partnering organization/school administrators. Text 2 Stop It!™ removes your phone number so it stays confidential.

If I send a text, can you text me back? - Yes. This is one of the big benefits of the program. Once the school receives an email, the administrators or school resource officers can reply to Text 2 Stop It!™ with questions, share what actions they are taking or a simply thank the tipster. The reply email then goes back to Text 2 Stop It!™, who will then text theier message to you.

Do you think Text 2 Stop It!™ will help curb bullying in schools? - Yes. By using Text 2 Stop It!, students can get information to administrators who can take the actions necessary to stop the bullying. Often administrators are unaware of it until a text alerts them to the problem.

What information will be contained in the tip? Text 2 Stop It!™ will make every attempt to provide as much detail, regarding the incident, as possible. This includes student’s (student creating the problem) first and last name, grade, date and time of incident as well as a complete description of the incident.

Who receives the tips? Tips are received by Text 2 Stop It!™ and forwarded by text and email to the designated partnering organization/school administrator(s).

Can it be sent to more than one person? Yes

How many text tips can we expect? The number of tips will depend on how well the program is promoted at the schools. You can expect and average of 10 tips per year for a school/school system with 1,000 students.

How many tips are accurate vs pranks? We have found that only 3% of tips are unreliable or pranks. Every tip given by students is followed-up with a request for more details. This eliminates most pranks.

How are video and pictures sent? Students can send pictures/video, if available, by text. Large video files are sent by email.

How long after tips are received from students are they sent to administrators? Usually tips are sent within minutes of receipt. The only exceptions are delays caused by the need to gather more complete information.

What types of tips are sent? Tip can be sent regarding bullying, violence, drugs, suicide, or anything a student feels reduces the quality of their educational experience. These tips can be in the form of text, pictures or video.

Can Text 2 Stop It! provide additional information if requested by administrator? Yes simply reply to our text or email with additional questions for the student and we will request the information.

Will information be reported to law enforcement? We believe problems are best resolved by partnering organization/school administrators so we do not send this information to law enforcement. The only exception is in the case of imminent danger, bomb threat, or child endangerment.

Under what conditions would parents or police be notified?   After we send the text to the school we are hands off. The school would use normal protocol in addressing the issue and discussions are usually confidential, due to the fact that most students are minors. The schools would operate the same as if a student had reported something through conventional means.

Are our operators trained to perform these functions? All operators have background checks and trained in Mental Health First Aid and receive background checks. In addition, each conversation is conducted by a single operator and is monitored by at least one other operator/supervisor.

What are our hours of operation?   24 hours a day / 365 days a year (including Christmas). 

Would you be working for the school? In most cases we are not employed by the schools but only providing the service in much the way MADD, SADD, Suicide Prevention operates. However, if the school/school system is the Partnering Organization then we would report to them. 

What extra functions would you perform better than if they just texted a number the school SRO or administrator viewed directly?  Most texts occur before and after school hours. In addition we manage a 24 hour/7 days per week/365 days per year line.


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