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Maryland - Postponed Due to Covid-19

Prince George's County, Glenn Dale Maryland - Oct 12, 2019

Contact us to Schedule Your Anti-Bullying Family 5K Run, Walk and Roll

​​​​We Will

  • Create your Anti-Bullying Family 5K Run website similar to this: https://runsignup.com/Race/MD/Landover/MD
  • Create online registration through the website
  • With you determine a suitable location: school, park, track, etc.
  • Promote the Family 5K Run

You Will

  • Promote the Run to Your School and Community
  • Use Funds for your choice of Anti-Bullying or School Safety Programs 

If in addition if you would like to add Text 2 Stop It! to your school or school district visit: Non-Profit Text 2 Stop It! School Safety Partner​

Stop Bullying! 5K Family Run / Walk / Roll

Stop Bullying! Family 5K Run, Walk and roll Events

Fundraisers - Postponed!

Want A Stop Bullying! Family 5k

Run, Walk and Roll in Your Area?

50% of net proceeds will go to your organization to help fund anti-bullying/school safety programs.

50% of net proceeds will go to help fund Text 2 Stop It! Anti-Bullying Hotline.