The safety and security of our children in school is a rapidly growing concern of every parent. School safety has been on the forefront of Text 2 Stop It since 2013.   School safety did not just start in recent weeks. With programs like Text 2 Stop It, which allows students to anonymously report harmful issues in their schools by text and Who Cares? You Care, a program which provides a step by step Parent’s Action Plan, that helps parents organize and force school systems to improve school safety, we have put words into action resulting in much safer schools.

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Fundraising Goals!

On Thursday June 21st, 2018, Text 2 Stop It and Who Cares? You Care will hold our first annual fundraiser to fund this program in the Bowie/Mitchellville area. This fundraiser will provide all the funds needed to:

1.      Fund a Bowie/Mitchellville call (text) center operating 24/7 365 days per year, where students can anonymously report harmful activities in their schools.

2.      Provide ‘Text 2 Stop It’ posters and cards in all area schools. The posters and cards have a keyword and number that allows students to provide information, anonymously, regarding dangerous and unhealthy activities in their schools. The program was instrumental in Queen Anne’s County, reducing bullying by 71%, over four years, and for the exposure of drug dealers, weapons and suicide plans, making their schools much safer.

3.      Provide resources like the Parent Action Plan and other support for school level parent groups who are frustrated with current school safety procedures, or lack thereof, and are actively working for change.

There are six things, if implemented by your school, that will improve school safety. We have outlined these in our Who Cares? You Care Parent Action Plan.  This includes:  

·      Complete Resolution of Issues when students report bullying

·      Revise Antiquated Reporting Methods to allow reporting online or by mobile devices

·      Reporting Transparency so parents know the safety issues that arise in their child’s schools

·      Encourage Students to Come Forward and report unhealthy actives in their schools

·      Mental Health Training and Protocols to help school administrators help troubled students

·      Expulsion of Problem Students that present repeated discipline issues

4.     College Scholarship Fund for students that have made a difference in their schools to end bullying, drug use and other unhealthy activities.