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​​Cost to Implement in Bowie Schools

Bowie Schools                               # Students

Benjamin Tasker Middle School            821

Bowie High                                          2,381

Heather Hills Elementary                       387

High Bridge Elementary                         386

Kenilworth Elementary                           327

Northview Elementary                            718

Pointer Ridge Elementary                      394

Rockledge Elementary                           393

Samuel Ogle Middle                               836

Tall Oaks High                                          75

Tulip Grove Elementary                          385

Whitehall Elementary                              552

Yorktown Elementary                              295

                     Total Students               7,950

​                      Funds Needed            $7,950

Bowie City                            Maryland State

QACPS Incidents Reported

Why is it needed?

Where implemented Text 2 Stop It:

  1. Reduced bullying by over 70 %​            (click here)
  2. Exposed drug dealers in half the schools where program was implemented
  3. Uncovered multiple weapons and threats to do harm to schools/students
  4. Interrupted multiple suicide plans, so help could be provided

Governor Larry Hogan, along with Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller and Speaker of the House Mike Busch. Alvin Butler, Text 2 Stop It! Executive Director (standing).

How Many Bowie Students Can You Help Us Protect?

What does your donation support?

  1. Posters containing a unique number and keywords are placed around the school
  2. Cards with the number and keyword are provided to each student and parent
  3. Student can anonymously text BOWIEMD to 71441 to report bullying and other harmful behavior in your school
  4. Student is connected to a live operator 24/7 365 days /year and can anonymously provide details of the incident
  5. After the conversation a transcript is sent to the school counselors/administrators for follow-up

Not a resident of Bowie? Contact us to set up a program in your school/school district

Bowie High School Sign

The anonymous electronic tip bill(HB669),

signed by Governor Hogan in 2017, provided

$0 of the $7,950 needed to protect all Bowie students.

So we are asking for your help.