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How You Can Help Text 2 Stop It to Support Teens Struggling With Mental Health Issues

Partner with us and help with teen suicide prevention

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Suicide attempts are rising among children, and Children’s Hospital Colorado has declared a mental health state of emergency. This youth mental health crisis is dire, and we need to help our children — now. Text 2 Stop It! was created to help support teens who are experiencing bullying. Bullying seriously affects the mental health and well being of youth, and our mission is to provide confidential support and potentially life-saving information. But donating to Text 2 Stop It! isn’t the only way to support our youth. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing a few things you can do to help teens struggling with mental health issues.

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Talk Openly About Mental Health

If you’re concerned about a child’s mental health, start by talking with them. Talking shows that they’re not alone and that you care. It can be challenging to start the conversation, but you can start by saying that everyone, including adults, has problems that they can’t solve on their own and need someone else’s help. If you’ve had mental health challenges, share them in an age-appropriate way and talk about how you got help. Mental health issues still have a stigma associated with them, and part of changing that is having more open and honest conversations.

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Listen Closely To Teens In Your Life

If a teenager feels close enough to you to open up about mental health challenges, listen closely and give them space to talk. What they say may trouble you, but try not to pass judgment, and simply give them room to open up about their thoughts and feelings. Ask open-ended questions and if they want to end the conversation, tell them you’ll always be there whenever they want to talk. Emphasize that they aren’t alone and that you care about them. If you believe that they need to seek professional help, tell them that you’re worried about them and encourage them to seek help.

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Provide Resources

It’s important to give struggling teens as many resources as possible. Suggest some people that the teen could talk to if they don’t want to talk to you, such as close family friends, a trusted coach, religious leader, or teacher. Children may also need the help of an adult to get professional support, and you can suggest options such as counselors, a GP, or other mental health professionals.

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Donate To Text 2 Stop it!

Every one-dollar donation helps one child get the help they need. Our mission is to provide an anonymous reporting tool for youth who experience or witness bullying, drug distribution, weapons, self-harming behavior, or other concerning actions. We provide confidential support and information as needed, and we have the goal of being recognized as a national crisis and tip text line for any youth in need.

Let’s work together to support our children, assist with suicide prevention, and end the youth mental health crisis.

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