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How You Can Help Teachers Tackle The Threat of Cyberbullying

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In today’s blog post, the anti-bullying experts at Text 2 Stop It! are sharing some information for parents to help children who are experiencing cyberbullying. It’s up to all of us to stop bullying and protect our children! Continue reading to learn tips on how you can help tackle the threat of cyberbullying and support teachers as we work together to stop bullying.

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Have Conversations With Children

Having conversations with children can help stop bullying before it starts. Have open and honest conversations with your child and check in with them. Fostering a trusting relationship means that if your child does start to experience bullying, they’ll be more likely to come to you for help. Bullying is almost always related to a child’s life at school, and they know the context better than you ever will.


Respond Thoughtfully

When a child is being bullied, it’s easy to want to act quickly to help them. However, parents can make things a lot worse for their child if they act too quickly or in the wrong way. If you respond publicly to the bullying, the bullying may intensify. You can meet confidentially with teachers or administrators and discuss possible ways to move forward.

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Empower Children

Bullying and cyberbullying are about your child’s life, and the child needs to be part of the solution. That’s one of the reasons we created Text 2 Stop It!, an anonymous text reporting helpline. Kids know better than anyone who is bullying or being bullied, but need to be empowered to report it and stop bullying. Do everything you can to make sure the child feels in control and empowered. This can also include volunteering with teachers on an anti-bullying campaign.


Use Tech Tools

Social media apps have the option to block a person or report the problem to the service. While taking this action most likely won’t end the harassment, the child won’t have to see it every single day. They will also be less tempted to respond. If the cyberbullying has escalated to threats of physical harm, the authorities may need to be involved. Text 2 Stop It! is a great tech tool that can be utilized within schools to reduce bullying. You can advocate for your local school to provide Text 2 Stop It!’s services to their students.

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