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How Teens Are Using Texting to Stop Bullying

And What You Can Do to Make a Difference


If you ask any teacher if the average student uses their phone too much, they’ll probably try to figure out if you’re asking a serious question before answering.

But what if the glowing screens that are in almost every young person’s pocket could be used to stop bullying, drug distribution, weapons in schools, self-harm, and other concerning actions?

Text 2 Stop It! is a completely free text hotline that’s changing the way students support themselves and others. Here are four ways teens have used it to stop bullying!

Concerned teen using phone and drinking coffee.

Reporting in Real-Time

It can be difficult for victims to report bullying, especially if they have to go out of their way to meet with an administrator or authority figure. The result? The behavior is reported at a later date or isn’t reported at all. Text 2 Stop It! connects teens with trained operators who respond in five minutes on average and immediately pass the information along to school authorities.

Teen using a phone near a bridge.

Identifying Different Kinds of Bullying

These days, students can be bullied and harassed without any verbal or physical actions taking place. Teens shouldn’t be expected to be experts on every form bullying can take, but we believe that they should have access to the resources they need in order to know if something is or isn’t a form of bullying. Text 2 Stop It! provides them with a safe, judgment-free zone where they can ask questions and talk to someone who will truly hear them out.

Teen smiling and using a smartphone in a coffee shop.

Accessing Resources and Support

Many teens don’t know where to turn to find resources and support when they’re being bullied or see someone else being bullied. Many others are hesitant to even ask for them in the first place. Text 2 Stop It! is also designed to serve as an emotional support resource that provides teens with helpful and potentially lifesaving information.

Three junior high students walking together in a hallway.

Encouraging Others to Use It

The fact that teens are using texting to stop bullying is revolutionary in and of itself, but it’s even more encouraging that they’re encouraging their peers to do it, too. Social proof is often much more effective than posters and encouragement from teachers, and Text 2 Stop It! has been extremely effective and widely adopted in the communities that have used it. An entire Maryland school system reduced bullying by 71% after implementing Text 2 Stop It!

Stand With Us and Prevent Bullying

Text 2 Stop It! is working to become a national resource that can be used by school systems everywhere, but we can’t get there without your support.

If you believe in our mission, join us as we take a stand against bullying and make a donation today — every dollar donated goes toward saving lives.

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