Teen Texting

4 Ways Text 2 Stop It! Benefits Teens

Originally piloted in a Maryland school system with results that exceeded expectations and reduced bullying by 71%, Text 2 Stop It! is a completely free text hotline that allows teens to anonymously report bullying, drug distribution, and other concerning behaviors.

Text 2 Stop It! is now branching out into nearby states and partnering with non-profit organizations to provide young people with additional support through a medium they use on a daily basis. Here are four ways it’s benefiting teens!

Concerned teen girl standing outside.

Completely Confidential

Many teens are hesitant to report bullying and other concerning behavior due to a fear of being reprimanded or receiving backlash from their peers. It can also be difficult to bring sensitive subjects up in person, so many teens choose to internalize their concerns instead of coming forward.

Text 2 Stop It! allows them to contact an operator completely anonymously to voice their concerns, receive support, and contact potentially life-saving resources, all from a smartphone that doesn’t require them to talk on the phone or meet with an authority figure in person. The information is then sent to school administrators so that they can take action.

Teenage girl in classroom setting wearing uniform and looking out window sadly.

Real-Time Responses 24/7

Crises aren’t limited to school hours. Text 2 Stop It!’s operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week — including Christmas. The majority of tips we receive are responded to within five minutes of being sent. If something happens at home, a friend’s home, or something they’re concerned about is keeping them up at night, they always have an outlet they can come to for support.

Smiling young middle school girl with friends in background.

Meets Them Where They’re At

All of our volunteer operators undergo thorough background checks and are trained in mental health first aid. Every conversation is also monitored by one other operator or supervisor in order to ensure that everyone who contacts us receives support that meets them exactly where they are and can help them take the next steps toward a solution.

Teenage boy relaxing in a park.

Does Not Normally Involve Law Enforcement

At Text 2 Stop It!, we understand that many teens are reluctant to reach out because they don’t want to get the authorities involved. Although we will contact law enforcement if there is imminent danger, a bomb threat, or child endangerment involved in a report, we normally pass all of the relevant information along to administrators and partner organizations and allow them to take the next steps. By doing so, we remove one more obstacle that typically prevents teens from coming forward to report pressing problems.

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Text 2 Stop It! is working tirelessly to reduce bullying, drug use, violence, self-harm, and other problems today’s teens face on a daily basis.

We can’t do it alone — just one dollar could help us increase our reach and help young people access the support they need.

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