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Crisis Center Support

How Does It Work?

  1. We give you unique keyword and number
  2. Place your keyword and number on your marketing material
  3. When your keyword and number are texted our Mental Health First Aid staff will engage the texter in a two-way text conversation that follows your customized plan.
  4. We will, depending on your plan, obtain information and send you a conversation transcript or provide the texters with information so that they can contact your organization for help. 

Start Here by Completing this Contact Form

Add texting to your crisis center

 Steps to Add Texting to Your Crisis Hotline

  1. Complete the form to the right and submit.

​  2.  You will receive a call from your personal customer service representative who will coordinate the program inclusive of:

​   a. Review your objectives, demographic and costs

​   b. Review protocols and your requirements

​   b. Finalize your unique keyword and number

​   c. Schedule implementation