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Text 2 Stop It!™ is a division of EMC Cares. Text 2 Stop It!™ is powered by a patented communications platform from Text2Them, Inc. that allow youths and adults to anonymously report, via text, incidents that they are involved in or witnessed.  This is not a simply tip line where you leave a message. More effectively there is a live operator engaged in a 2-way text conversation to collect as much information as possible including photos or videos.  This information is then passed along and shared appropriately to address the situation. 

Text 2 Stop It!™ was initially piloted in a small school system as a means for students to report incidents of bullying.  Text 2 Stop It!™ would then pass on all the collected information to the school authorities who would immediately take the appropriate action.  Within the first 60 days, the Text 2 Stop It!™ operators responded to over 45 tips. These tips included bullying, fights, drugs, drug dealers, social media postings, and suicides.  Over a four year period the
school system reported a 71% drop in bullying incidents directly as a result of the Text 2 Stop It!™ program because the power to stop these incidents was now in the hands of students. 

This program has been successful because the younger generation prefer to communicate by text messaging.  It is discrete and to the point.  They feel more comfortable sending a text, rather then filling out forms or going directly to authority figures for fear of being labeled a snitch or retaliation.  The youth really do want safety in their schools and communities, and now they have a way to help create a safe environment. 

As a result of these phenomenal results, Text 2 Stop It!™ formed as a non-profit organization, 501 3c status pending. Our goal is to take Text 2 Stop It!™ nationally, allowing every student in the country to feel safe when they go to school. 

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